Speed up transformation

Improve your competitive advantage and go stronger faster.

Onboard Measurable and Sustainable Results

What hinders your profitability? We can help.

Take up Agility and Resilience

Does your workflow serve your need, or do you serve the workflow? Wе partner to take you out of this trap.

Bridge Capacity and Competence

Now you can take care of your core business. We will do the rest.


Business services are key vehicle for competitive advantage. If placed well, they enable excellent business opportunities. Overcoming related challenges and achieving higher productivity and efficiency unlock new possibilities, and we want to partner there.

We commit our proposition on the beliefs of full transparency, engagement flexibility, time sensitivity, sustainability and professional drive.

Explore what type of benefits you can choose to aim at.


The world is in a constant move and business dynamics continuously increase. Companies implement changes, roll out improvement initiatives, undertake transformations to lead the way, to stay competitive, or to remain in business.

Equipped with relevant competence and experience, we gauge the proper scope, size, speed and complexity. And we put a realistic plan in place how to bring the impact we promise.

As a result you can expect to save money and avoid cost, to improve customer and employee experience, to speed up execution, and to manage complex change.

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How good is your organisation at performance? Do you know if you spend the right pocket and amount? How informed is your decision making or do you have to rely only on your gut?

We know why businesses exist – trust our ability to help you to cost optimize, to rationalize decision making, and to get closer to profit maximization. We are logical, so it will come numerically proven.

We have developed solutions that will help you to secure revenue, earn more, get work done 24/7/365, save from both balanced wages and costs to manage.

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Systems without end-to-end workflow consideration create burden and hinder total performance. Over the years it only piles up and seriously impacts ability for operational execution. 

There is the whole universe of technical approaches and solutions out there. We know them and we have the capabilities to recommend and build balanced – digital and workflow – capacity for you, as long as you need it.

The effect you receive as a result is the most of your existing infrastructure, utilized best-in-class approaches, optimized workflows, increased output, managed professionally.

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Supporting activities often damage your competitive advantage and financial results. You may know exactly how or you may have no clue but just sense it. In any case you must act fast.

Orders, Collection, Sales Back-office, Training, Payroll, Travel Management, and you name it… You receive the right competence, shape and capacity from us – transactionally, optimized, or consulted.

We provide you with possibilities to automate repetitive work, to consolidate similar activities, to achieve faster delivery, to receive predictable and steady performance.

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At the heart of Flow Logic is our intrinsic strive for long term partnership through practical solutions of a value for you, based on what works in real-life. We offer functional, industry and geographical consideration tailored to your specific needs at the particular point of your business journey.

Solutions are shaped and implemented combining complementary skills, knowledge and expertise delivering the complete proposition.

Outsourcing and Nearshoring
  • Transactional activities
  • Shared Services
  • Non-core process delivery
  • Back Office support
  • Specialized and diverse skills
Process Standardization
  • Process discovery
  • Variation / throughput analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Design, controls & reporting
  • Performance management
Project Management
  • Project Management Resourcing
  • PMO blueprint
  • Transition Management
  • Change Management
  • M&A Integration
  • Benefit Realization
Intelligent Automation
  • Requirements development
  • Technology feasibility study
  • Business case development
  • Solution Implementation
  • Validation of outcomes
  • Ongoing enhancement
Business Intelligence
  • Data integration & modelling
  • Reporting as-a-service
  • Pre-defined report portfolio
  • Self-service analytics
  • Process (e.g. OTC/ITP) mining
Financial Intelligence
  • Management Reporting
  • Financial Planning & Analysis
  • Controlling processes/ workflows
  • FInance Function Redesign
  • Internal finance capacity
  • Finance Modeling
Location Footprint Optimisation
  • Locations footprint assessment
  • Site set up
  • Facility management
  • Workforce structure optimisation
  • Work from home framework
Capacity on Demand
  • Geo-specific resourcing
  • Pilot capacity
  • Peak management
  • Temporary staffing and leasing